Exterior Design Trends 2023: Bring The Party To Your Guests With Your Chic And Glamorous Place

exterior home trends 2023

Do you dream of exterior design trends 2023 are unsure which one to choose? In addition to its pleasant aesthetics, it is true that wood has many advantages.

Ecological, durable, comfortable, it’s hard to find a fault. But to take full advantage of its wooden terrace, it must nevertheless be chosen with care. Zoom on this material, its maintenance and its price.

Wood is the noblest and warmest material you can find to build a terrace. The feeling when you put your bare feet on a wooden deck is more pleasant than with other materials.

This is something that counts, especially in summer or when the terrace becomes a pool deck. Finally, from a practical point of view, you should know that you can install a wooden terrace on several types of supports (concrete slab, raw floor, etc.).

exterior design trends 2023

There are installation solutions that adapt to the terrain, which is not necessarily the case with the stone terrace for example. From an aesthetic point of view, a wooden terrace can adapt to all environments, from the most classic to the most modern.

It all depends on what you want from your terrace. If you want to let it gray, that is to say, age naturally, or if you want a terrace with little maintenance, then the best is to opt for a natural wood.

You therefore have the choice between an exotic wood and a resinous wood.

Exotic woods, typically, are dense woods, which will not take on water and will stand the test of time extremely well. You will find the same imputrescibility characteristics in Douglas fir, which is a softwood.

exterior design trends 2023

Pines and softwoods – Douglas aside – will, on the other hand, need regular maintenance to last. On the other hand, they will have the advantage of being less expensive.

On the other hand, if you want your terrace to keep the same appearance over time, you can opt for composite wood. If the latter has a more industrial look, it has the advantage of keeping the same color.

Functional, aesthetic, harmonious and comfortable: the role of the garden path is multiple.

Connecting the street to your house entrance, it allows you to circulate in complete safety without getting dirty; weaving between the massifs of your exterior, it allows you a little moment of daydreaming and contemplation.

Joining the road at your garage door, it offers a passable path for your vehicle. Also, the proper layout of your driveway or paths in the garden is essential. We guide you…

What are the functions of the aisle?

Before designing and chooing the best exterior design trends 2023 , it is first necessary to define its functions. This can be used to cross an outdoor space safely and without getting dirty, to highlight a composition of flower beds or even to allow a car to pass. Before starting your work, you should therefore ask yourself the right questions.

First step, it will be necessary to identify precisely what you needs are, in other words what use your driveway is intended for. Who will use it: only pedestrians, or will it be used for the passage of vehicle(s)?

exterior home trends 2023

What will be the frequency of passage? Will this driveway be used to lead to the vegetable garden or the garage? Will it serve a person with reduced mobility?

In view of your answers, your driveway will not be made in the same way: it may be more or less wide, made of one material rather than another, require more or less substantial earthwork, etc.

Next, you will need to consider the layout of your land. Depending on the size and topology of your land, you will not opt for the same type of driveway. In addition, it will be necessary to take into account your vegetation so that your driveway, beyond its purely functional aspect, integrates aesthetically and harmoniously into your garden.

To do this, it may be wise to call on a landscape architect to draw the plans for the garden and its paths.

What are the different types of aisles?

Depending on your needs and the style of your garden, there are different types of paths. Let’s review this big family…

The main alley

Its purpose is to connect the street to the entrance of your house. Depending on the style, needs and architecture of your home, it can be of different widths.

exterior home trends 2023

However, we will not go below 1.20 m in order to allow two people to be able to move side by side without problem. If you plan to border this aisle with plants, do not hesitate to provide an additional ten centimeters on either side, for more comfort.

The walkway

Its main purpose is to allow you a pleasant walk in the middle of the massifs and the vegetation, while preserving them. Narrower, these alleys are generally around 1 meter wide.

The path that crosses the lawn

Do you want to keep your lawn intact? Avoid bringing dirt back into your home after enjoying it? A lawn path can then be very useful… More or less wide, it is generally designed to be as discreet as possible. Thus, it is often found in the form of Japanese steps.

exterior home design trends 2023

The driveway

Making the connection between the street and your garage, it is wider and more robust than the main driveway since it is intended to support the comings and goings of your vehicle.

It is considered that the width for a safe and comfortable driveway is at least 3 meters wide. Professional earthworks to prepare the ground will also be essential.

What materials should you choose for your exterior home trends 2023

Before choosing the materials for your driveway, it is imperative that you have clearly defined its role and the place it will have in your garden.

Once your needs have been highlighted and your project clearly established, you can then think about the different materials that could constitute your driveway(s). To help you make the best choice, here are some guidelines.

Wooden deck: planks or slabs in exterior home trends 2023

It is first and foremost a matter of taste. But, besides the taste, there are configurations in which the slabs, or on the contrary the blades, are preferable.

exterior home design trends 2023

The wooden slats come in the form of planks two to four meters long and about ten centimeters wide. These materials are the most used to design terraces. The different types of slats allow you to adjust to the space available in front of your house.

On a balcony, preference will be given to slabs (or duckboards). They can be laid directly on concrete. With their dimensions of 50x50cm, they are also easier to mount on the floors than 3m long blades.

At home, they are also practical if you need a manhole to access a septic tank, for example. While the standard size is 50 cm x 50 cm, various sizes are available to adapt the tiles to the dimensions of the terrace or balcony.

In composite or natural wood, the slabs are easily placed on the ground, by interlocking. Regarding the aesthetic aspect, it is possible to combine several patterns for an original rendering.

exterior home trends 2023

Composite wood terrace: 6 reasons to get started!

The wooden terrace is essential for a trendy and natural outdoor space that we love to invest in when the good weather comes. But as long as it is easy to maintain and ultra-resistant to the vagaries of time.

This is precisely where the composite wood deck comes into play. Overview of its many advantages.

Composite decking, an (almost) true copy of natural wood

The boards of a composite terrace are made of sawdust bound by polymer resins (polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC). They are molded and pigmented to look like natural wood planks, with their knots, grain, etc. There are even imitations of different types of wood, from pine to spruce to poplar. An ultra aesthetic rendering, to be mistaken.

exterior home design trends 2023

Although significant progress has been made in recent years to obtain a “natural wood” result, choose boards containing at least 50% wood. You will thus avoid the artificial plastic effect that has long been criticized for composite decking.

A wide choice of colors for the composite wood deck

The composite terrace therefore imitates the wooden terrace, but it also offers more freedom for your decorative desires to express themselves! Indeed, the boards are tinted in the mass and are available in many colors: natural wood, gray, taupe, red… There is something for everyone.

We are told in our ears that some models are even reversible, another asset for the layout of your terrace. And if you are afraid that your terrace will look gray in a few years, rest assured: the composite boards are covered with an anti-UV protective film which prevents discoloration and the appearance of stains.

exterior home design trends 2023

When choosing the color of your composite wood deck, remember that this will be the final shade. Unlike a natural wood deck, you won’t be able to s repaint or varnish it to change the atmosphere.

The composite terrace, aesthetic and resistant

Another undeniable advantage of the composite wood deck: its resistance to any test which gives it a remarkable longevity. Like its natural cousin, composite wood is rot-proof (i.e. it does not rot).

But it goes even further: it incorporates antioxidant and antimicrobial additives to withstand bad weather (rain, frost, snow, etc.) without flinching, to fight fungi and termites, to prevent moss from settling. Your composite decking is impervious to the marks of time.

exterior home design trends 2023

Opt instead for a terrace with solid boards because the boards with cells are more fragile.

Composite decking: the choice of safety

Due to its resistance, composite wood does not split. You therefore do not risk seeing a crack appear in your beautiful terrace or, worse, planting a splinter in your foot (we all know what that does). In addition, even when wet, the floor remains non-slip.

exterior home trends 2023

The composite wood deck is therefore perfectly suited to humid climates, by the sea or on swimming pool beaches.

Be careful, if you live in a very sunny area, be aware that the composite terrace is less recommended there because it tends to heat up when the temperatures soar.

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Exterior Design Trends 2023: Bring The Party To Your Guests With Your Chic And Glamorous Place
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