Interior Design Trends 2023: a Flair For The Dramatic Is Counterbalanced By Natural Elements

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Interior design trends 2023 will help you to choose which furnishing style suits you best according to your best criterias. With which DIY ideas can you give your home an extra touch of charm?

You can find out about these topics and more in our well prepared article.

Proper interior design usually starts with a concept for each room in question. Here is a brief overview of the most important factors to consider when designing interiors:

Living room: the perfect place to spend hours in comfort and to enjoy convivial evenings. Of course, a comfortable sofa and a stylish TV stand are a must. Find out in our guide what makes your living room your new favorite place.

decor trends 2023
In the bedroom, rest during the night should always be our priority. Soft tones, cozy materials and pleasant patterns can create an oasis of well-being.

The dining room and the kitchen can also be furnished with style. When choosing the decoration, make sure that the image of the whole is homogeneous and that it includes both the kitchen and the dining room.

The requirements of your own four walls also play a major role in interior design. Would you like to decorate your interior in a new modern building in a warm and welcoming way?

Or do you prefer a stylish and contemporary interior design for your old apartment?

Do you have plenty of space or are you looking for tips and tricks to make your tiny house look bigger?

As you can see, not all interiors have the same basic requirements. In order to find what best suits your individual needs and wishes, we have created a guide for each type of interior. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, click on the advice and tips from our interior design experts and transform your interior into the living space of your dreams.

Here’s how to find the right color palette

Furnishing ideas with bright splashes of color turn every room into a real eye-catcher!

Be brave and quietly grab strong hues. Which colors can be combined with each other? What are the effects of this colorful decor on your mood and the atmosphere of your interior? With our color theory articles, we have created an extensive introduction to the world of colorful furnishing ideas.

Interior Design Trends 2023: a Flair For The Dramatic Is Counterbalanced By Natural Elements

Still not sure which style of furniture suits you best? Then we have exactly what you need. Each style has its own distinctive characteristics and traits. To discover stylish furnishing ideas, we have prepared for you the main facts and useful tips on this subject, as well as an overview of our favorite products in  your fav online store

Whether scandi, country house or boho: the recommendations of our interior design experts are an ideal guide for every type of interior design. So you can also discover new styles and appreciate the more eccentric or glamorous decoration.

Let yourself be surprised by our wide range of articles on furnishing interior design trends 2023! Click through our exclusive selection of articles living room and discover creative furnishing ideas and practical advice, prepared by our interior design experts, for your interior design projects.

Be bold and trust your aesthetic sense: decor trends 2023

Here are the main criteria for obtaining accommodation with a remarkable design.

Good planning : Even if you are full of enthusiasm and want to start right away, a new project must be planned in advance. This is the only way to ensure that new furniture and decorations go together and that your budget is not exceeded.

design trends 2023

A common thread: whether refined or simple, original or modern, consider a linking element that visually integrates all the furnishings. It can be, for example, a color, a particular shape or a predominant style. This will be the guarantee of a harmonious general appearance.

We cannot judge before having tried: you are not sure that once implemented your ideas produce the desired effect?

Be bold and trust your aesthetic sense! After all, the result should not only be pleasing to the eye but also live up to your expectations.

Do not hesitate to fill a void: are you still looking for the perfect cushions and picture to decorate your interior? Take your time and only start once you have found what you are looking for. This is the only way to create a decor to your liking.

Instant style enhancements: interior design trends 2023

Does your bedroom need a little sprucing up? Here, a stylish bedspread and new cushions will make a splash. A large mirror and decorative bedside tables will also be welcome. A box spring with a splendid upper part is the best option for extreme transformations.

The living room is there to relax. This is why comfort is the top priority. Decorative cushions, soft blankets and pleasant scented candles will make all the difference without requiring great effort.The kitchen is not only for preparing delicious meals.

This room is at the heart of every home, so why not organize it according to interior design trends 2023?

decor trends 2023

Include not only kitchen fronts, but also your electrical appliances in the design. A particularly seamless effect can be achieved when you decorate your dining room in the same style.

In the bathroom, the watchword is well-being. With plush towels, quality hand soap and scented candles, create your personal haven in no time.

Rooms for babies, children and teenagers must first and foremost please their little occupants. Of course, we always cultivate creative ideas for the layout of your room. While a baby room should initially have a calming effect, a child’s room can already feature some stimulating details and elements.

Get together with your toddlers and create the room that every child dreams of! In the office and basement, the focus is usually on convenience.

interior decor trends 2023

This does not mean that it is not possible to combine functionality and aesthetics! When furnishing, ensure, for example, that all documents, small objects and supplies are stored in a coherent way. Sleekly designed filing cabinets and storage boxes make a room look both stylish and practical.

It’s not just the inside of your home that can be beautified.

Especially during the summer period, your outdoor space or veranda should also attract attention. For example, you can give your garden a new sparkle with beautiful seat cushions, colorful garlands and a decorative outdoor rug.

Let yourself be inspired by the recommendations of our interior design experts! Whether it’s a cellar, a living room or a baby’s room, we have design ideas adapted to each room.

Composed of cushions or colorful plaids, comfortable seats and suitable lighting, follow the guide for a very cocooning, modern and design reading corner but still full of charm.

How to arrange your reading corner?

The location: Calm and serenity. It is therefore preferable to place it near a wall, away from the passage and screens. For example, we avoid positioning it near the television or even in the entrance, a place of exchange and regular traffic.

Your reading nook should look like a pretty bubble out of time, making you want to sit down and not necessarily requiring a lot of space. At the heart of a mezzanine, under a window or a staircase or even between two pieces of furniture, it also makes it possible to delimit the space.

decor trends 2023

The library

Tidy by theme, the latter can be declined in many materials depending on the style of your room. In a resolutely chic and elegant interior, you can let yourself be tempted by a lacquered or wooden bookcase.

If you are more in love with the industrial style, a metal shelf can also do the trick and give a touch of modernity to your room. You will have understood that it can be declined according to your tastes while agreeing to the atmosphere that you wish to create in your reading corner.


The reading chair is ultra comfortable. We therefore prefer an armchair with a padded seat, large colored cushions, a DYI bench made from pallets and cushions.

Why not also a meridian to stretch out? Be ingenious and original! For your children, you can provide funny poufs encouraging them to come and read. Success guaranteed with them!

 trends 2023

Reading corner for afternoon tea

During your long winter evenings, you will enjoy enjoying a hot chocolate or a flavored tea. So plan a space, shelf, sideboard or small table, to be able to put your cup there. For a warm atmosphere, do not forget to add a candle. Scented, small or large, it immediately provides a feeling of well-being.

We prefer soft and deep tones such as navy or duck blue, powder pink or all shades of beige. For a successful reading corner in a cozy living room, play with natural materials and warm fabrics such as velvet or linen. To finalize the Zen side, we do not forget a beautiful and large green plant.


Whether you choose a designer floor lamp, retro-looking lamps or very modern spotlights, they must diffuse good light to be able to read in optimal comfort.

To each his own style and atmosphere for his reading corner.An original corner with hanging chairs.

If you have always dreamed of swinging, as if you were outside under the trees, while reading, you can install two suspended seats in your reading area: these create a real surprise for your guests and also allow you to escape more easily.

Interior Design Trends 2023: a Flair For The Dramatic Is Counterbalanced By Natural Elements

The bookcase for your books and magazines can be in an industrial style, turquoise blue or green to give a look that is both chic and natural. Your reading space thus becomes totally unusual and quirky.

A minimalist reading nook

If your living room is mainly made from contemporary furniture and very sober colors such as white, beige or gray, your reading corner can remain in the same atmosphere thanks to seats made of natural materials.

So nothing better than a pretty straw or rattan bench next to a small bookcase in raw wood. Play with accessories such as frames or candles to complete this decoration with sobriety and elegance.

Interior Design Trends 2023: a Flair For The Dramatic Is Counterbalanced By Natural Elements

Today in a world dominated by screens, giving your children a taste for reading from an early age will be the secret to making them love it with a children’s reading corner!

But to seduce them you will first have to clearly define where you will position their reading corner. Their room will mainly be selected for the latter because it is in this room that they will like to meet and escape around pretty stories.

Then it will have to be very comfortable: Indeed to encourage them to come and settle there, multiply the cushions and the soft and colorful seats.

Interior design ideas 2023: conduct to dreaming

Under an original teepee or more simply on the ground, create a cocooning reading corner for them conducive to the wildest dreams. The space should of course be bright without being aggressive.

Finally, to make their work easier, provide low furniture, such as small wooden bookcases to allow them easy and quick access to their books. These interior design trends 2023 should not be too large and always adapted to their ages.

inetrior deisgn trends

Novels, magazines, comics or even children’s books, everyone will appreciate having a small dedicated space to read in complete serenity. Treat yourself to this enchanted parenthesis and this bubble of serenity in your interior.

Find the atmosphere that suits you and access now a soft, cozy and contemporary reading corner to add to your home the little extra that it lacked!

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Interior Design Trends 2023: a Flair For The Dramatic Is Counterbalanced By Natural Elements
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