Kitchen Design 2023: When The Familiar Silhouettes Are Reimagined In The Brand New Way

kitchen design 2023

Kitchen design 2023 will be a completely new turn into the most stylish direction.

Does your kitchen lack an extra soul to make it warm? It is important to take care of the decoration of your dining area to feel good there. Discover all our ideas to make the room more convivial.

Kitchen design 2023: Open the kitchen to make it warmer

Once fashionable, the closed kitchen has lost ground due to its lack of user-friendliness. If you can, it is a good idea to open your kitchen to the living room to make it more welcoming.

Thus, according to kitchen design 2023, the communication is facilitated between the different inhabitants of the house. While you cook up delicious meals, you can chat with your spouse or watch the children’s homework.

kitchen design 2023

For those who prefer a semi-open kitchen, there is an interesting and trendy alternative. It consists of installing an interior canopy.

This is a good compromise for compartmentalizing two areas while preserving natural light – practical in dark housing – and warming up the atmosphere.

Full of charm, the interior glass roof remains the prerogative of industrial atmospheres. It blends perfectly with natural and raw materials such as concrete or wood.

But if your kitchen gives pride of place to the Scandinavian spirit, the glass partition is also welcome. Just paint it in a pastel color and you’re done.

Kitchen design 2023: A natural kitchen with lots of wood

Nothing like wood to warm the atmosphere. Use this material as a centerpiece of  Kitchen design 2023 for your decoration.

In addition to providing warmth, wood has the advantage of being able to dress any surface. And the icing on the cake, it blends easily with other materials.

kitchen design 2023

Furniture, worktops, credenzas, parquet floors… Go all out by adopting a floor-to-ceiling wooden kitchen. You can also settle for a strong element. Thus, a central wooden island can bring an extra soul to a kitchen.

Soft and comforting colors to make a kitchen cozy

Timeless, white remains a safe bet in a kitchen. If the color has the advantage of visually enlarging the space and bringing light, on the other hand, it remains quite sad.

If you want to make your kitchen much warmer, dare to use color. The idea is to use a soft and comforting shade to create a cozy atmosphere.

kitchen design 2023

Create a cocoon effect conducive to sharing by dressing the walls with natural and enveloping shades.

A light brown can look great in a classic-inspired kitchen. And to wake up the place, think of an orange terracotta. This earthy color easily resonates with raw wood furniture.

In addition, green is very popular in the world of interior decoration. It corresponds to a need to go back to basics and comfort. You can adopt it without fear of bad taste.

Thus, a khaki green can invite itself into your kitchen. In addition to making it warm, the color will contribute to its sophistication.

kitchen design 2023

Italian kitchen

Scavolini is a kitchen manufacturer offering many trendy models that easily adapt to all the configurations you want. From the most contemporary, design to the most retro, there is something for everyone.

In addition to a perfectly worked design, these kitchens offer ranges of furniture, allowing a perfect layout.

Kitchen decor 2023: the winter garden-style kitchen

This pretty U-shaped kitchen is very functional, but it is also very warm and welcoming. The glass panel gives the impression of a greenhouse that could accommodate many plants. It really provides a feeling of calm and well-being on a daily basis.

This kitchen mixing mineral and vegetal shades brings a feeling of calm and restful cocoon. We love raw materials, the authenticity of which is almost reassuring.

kitchen decor 2023

It is a real cocoon of softness that surrounds you in this universe. This cuisine fits perfectly with the need for naturalness, going back to basics and the way of life that is changing with the preference for local products.

Kitchen design 2023: The Color Loft kitchen

This resolutely contemporary kitchen plays on color blocks and contrasting colors with a strong character. We like the link that is provided by the long table between the technical part and the more convivial part.

It is a beautiful kitchen with a soft modernism that gives your room a beautiful personality.

Black kitchen: The big trend of the moment

Kitchens have long been synonymous with white or very light colors, classic, simplistic, even moody decorations. In recent years, trends have changed, and black cuisine is in vogue.

More modern, elegant and pleasant, this type of kitchen has something to seduce you.

kitchen design 2023

Black kitchen: Suitable for all styles

Black is a very powerful, dominant color, but at the same time it allows all combinations and all combinations of colors and styles. Thus, the black kitchen can be modern, industrial style, country style or classic. Everything is possible with this color.

The black kitchen seduces because it radically changes the usual reflexes that many have when decorating a kitchen.

It therefore moves the lines and forces modernism by imposing special lighting, a sleek and airy layout and equipment. Black kitchen: suitable for all styles

kitchen decor 2023

The industrial style is also very fashionable and goes perfectly with a black kitchen. If the space you have is suitable, especially in a loft or a modern and recent apartment, you can arrange an industrial kitchen with a black dominant in the colors.

The effect created with this color and industrial style furnishing and decoration elements is absolutely elegant. To convince you of this, discover a black kitchen set in the catalogs of the great kitchen designers.

By creating your kitchen with mainly wooden elements and mixing a dominant black associated with touches of color, you can create a country style kitchen. Such a kitchen has, in addition to its elegance, a particularly warm character.

Expand the field of the possible

The black kitchen is distinguished from other styles by the greater number of possibilities it allows. Whether it is the choice of materials, colors associated with black or layout, the black kitchen allows absolutely everything.

In terms of materials, the black kitchen can be mostly made of wood, with massive elements that this color highlights well. It can also incorporate more modern materials, such as stainless steel or quality plastic materials that are always compatible with the color black

monochrome design 2023
Kitchen design 2023: Black, yes, but not dark

Unlike a white or pastel kitchen, the black Kitchen design 2023 can accommodate appliances and equipment of all styles and colors.

While a black oven or fridge make a spot in a white kitchen, they find their place perfectly in a black kitchen. They are even an additional elegance asset.

The most recent modern household appliances rely heavily on elegance, with colors less discreet than the usual white, beige or gray.

They incorporate borders, knobs and handles in grey, aluminum or stainless steel. These small details can do no better than they create in a black kitchen.

The black kitchen suffers from a received idea that wants it dark and therefore impractical. This received idea is however contradicted by the many examples offered by kitchen designers.

kitchen decor 202334

Discover a black kitchen set in their catalogs and find that with a well thought-out layout, optimized natural lighting with reflective surfaces and suitable electric lighting, the black kitchen is anything but dark.

In a black kitchen, the desired effect is not darkness, but rather a cozy and warm atmosphere.

A particularly sought-after atmosphere given the way the kitchen is seen today as a living space in its own right.

Do you want a kitchen that can survive the years without the risk of getting bored?

Kitchen ideas 2023 quotes: opt for a white kitchen, it’s a safe bet. Whatever style you are looking for, you can enjoy a beautiful, bright kitchen.

White can be chosen for the fronts of your kitchen, but also, why not, on the walls or for the floor.

kitchen decor 2023

Or on the contrary, it can be associated with colors, splash backs, etc. To add a touch of originality, to bring a little warmth, we invite you to discover 30 kitchen models which, we hope, will be a source of inspiration.

Kitchen ideas 2023: A white kitchen from floor to ceiling

Do you want a white kitchen from floor to ceiling? Why not ! You can then play on the materials to give dimension to your kitchen, for example, matte facades, shiny tiling, etc.

You will enjoy a minimalist style kitchen. The smallest element of decoration, as simple as it is, will then be highlighted. You can also play with the lights.

open kitchen

Be careful not to choose bulbs whose light would be too cold. So choose bulbs between 2,700 k and 3,300 k for light that is more or less yellow or between 4,200 k and 4,500 k for neutral light.

White kitchen with color

A white kitchen can be perfectly associated with all kinds of colors.

It can be cold colors like blue, green… which will give a soothing side to your kitchen. But warm colors are also welcome.

You can also opt for pastel colors, such as pink, for example.

Your kitchen will then be instantly imbued with sweetness. Do you prefer more dynamic colors? Do not deprive yourself!

You will enjoy a more flashy kitchen.

kitchen ideas 2023

Regarding the colors, you will be spoiled for choice, make your choice according to your preferences. You can integrate it by painting a wall or through a credenza.

White kitchen with neutral colors

As we have seen, in terms of colors, you can afford almost anything in a white kitchen. It is therefore also possible to favor neutral colors. You will then enjoy a designer kitchen.

gray ideas 2023

It can be shades of beige or gray. You can choose to integrate these neutral colors by choosing the wall paint, the flooring or the worktop to create depth, but also enjoy a kitchen with a chic look.

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Kitchen Design 2023: When The Familiar Silhouettes Are Reimagined In The Brand New Way
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