Living Room Trends 2023: Modern Design For A Collected-over-time Aesthetics

Living room design trends 2023

Within the living room trends 2023 you’ll have a warm room where you like to meet to chat with your family or have a drink with your friends.

That it is small is in no way a problem, provided you know how to arrange and decorate it, to make it a cocooning and very pleasant space. Discover our few tips and ideas for a modern and friendly living room!

It is wiser to put a two or three seater sofa and Very often, the temptation is great to paint your small living room in white to visually increase the space.

It is indeed a bias, but by playing on the color you can give it depth or give the impression that it is wider. There are some simple tricks to do that.

  • add easy-to-store ottomans that will be used when you entertain, rather than a corner sofa. There are some very nice ones today.

The coffee table is chosen with care, it must be adapted to the dimensions of your living room and if it contains storage, it is ideal! Remember to have two small sofas facing each other to accentuate the very cozy side.

Living room design trends 2023

If the living room is open to the living room, delimit it with low furniture, a screen or even solid doors with brick partition, you get a very enveloping little cocoon conducive to confidences.

You then make its small surface an asset, by creating a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

Very often, the temptation is great to paint your small living room in white to visually increase the space. It is indeed a bias, but by playing on the color you can give it depth or give the impression that it is wider.

There are some simple tricks to do that.

For depth, you simply have to bring a vanishing point, put a color on a wall that you recall on the wall facing it with a strip for example.

The color will be chosen in fairly dark tones. It is possible to dress three walls in a deep color and the widest will be covered in white.

Living room design trends 2023

You add low furniture, in the back of the living room trends 2023, on which you place a few objects that catch the eye. By having large mirrors, you give a certain breath to this space and a feeling of grandeur.

By delimiting certain areas, you also give the feeling that your room is larger.

Wallpaper or paint helps structure this room. Embossed wallpaper or structured materials are welcome. In a classic way, affix a color or a wallpaper behind your sofa.

If putting color on your walls seems complicated, bring it in touches on furniture, rugs, cushions or other accessories and decorative objects.

Give style to your small living room

Do not hesitate to opt for a very strong decorative bias without overdoing it and above all without overloading the space.

Of course, the minimalist or slow life decor corresponds perfectly to this type of room because of its surface area. However, if you like other atmospheres, do not hesitate to fall for one of them.

As you will see, all atmospheres have their place in a small living room. You can then carefully harmonize the decor with furniture and accessories such as cushions or rugs.

Living room design trends 2023

The industrial style decoration is pushed here to its climax and yet it in no way suffocates this small living room. The furniture is well proportioned and the objects evoking this universe adorn the walls nicely.

White walls to enlarge

We have already mentioned color to give depth and width to your small living room, but white walls are also an attractive option.

This is all the more true when your living room seems too cramped. It is better to forget in this case the dark colors whether on the sofa, the furniture, the carpets, the curtains and other accessories.

It is advisable to play with a total white look, but be careful, available in different tones, from pure white to off-white, perfect for accentuating the brightness of your room.

Living room design trends 2023

with this living room trends 2023  the space  immediately looks bigger than it actually is. Fall in love without hesitation for a material and structured effect rather than on the color of the walls.

The sofa, the rug, the coffee table are chosen in nude or light tones. Also pay attention to straight lines which can be a little brutal in a small space.

Living room 2023: the best picks for modern space

Prefer them soft rounded lines whether on the sofa as on the coffee table and even the carpet. You will immediately notice that your living room is comfy and cozy, but also very welcoming.

It is very important in small rooms and therefore in your living room to play on continuity in the choice of colors and materials. This trick allows you to create a sense of space, visually speaking.

You must avoid anything that can block your gaze and thereby shrink your room. Thanks to the visual unity that you establish, you have the possibility of enlarging this small surface.

Living room design trends 2023

Materials like colors must respond to each other. They dialogue without colliding. The mix is ​​subtle and generally the variations are rather clear.

Here is an example that illustrates this point well. If you want to introduce wood, it will be light and you marry it with a white stone wall and a very light waxed concrete floor.

If you have opted for a parquet floor, it should not oppose or contrast with the tone you have put on the walls. It is best to avoid patterned wallpapers and stay sober in any case so that the visual continuity is not “broken”.

Low furniture is preferred  in living room 2023

When you are going to choose furniture for your small living room, keep in mind that it may clutter the space and cut the volume of your living room.

To let this room breathe, low furniture is the best option. It is obvious that a low sideboard is less visually cumbersome than a high sideboard.

\It’s the same for the library, if it is open and reveals the wall that supports it, it will be lighter than a large wardrobe. Be careful, it is not a question of overloading it.

Furniture with light and airy lines, light tones and made of materials that reflect light is absolutely perfect. Opt instead for small storage, because you have to declutter to let the volume express itself fully.

 off white Living room design trends 2023

Do not hesitate to use a few golden or silver touches, lacquered white or light wood. Instead, focus on a more spacious sofa rather than adding a wardrobe or other disproportionate furniture. Your living room will be more friendly and welcoming.

Modular and functional furniture

From the moment we talk about a small living room, the question of storage becomes crucial.

As the family spends a lot of time in this room, it is very quickly cluttered with a thousand things, which most of the time are not in their place. However, for a small living room, the space must be clear and it must be tidy.

Don’t have room for large storage? So think of 2-in-1 furniture, a clever solution for combining a useful piece of furniture which also has a more or less large storage area.

Pouf with storage for magazines, coffee table with drawers or storage box under the sofa bed… All this clever furniture contributes to the comfort and aesthetics of the small living room.

living room 2023 white

Deco cozy living room: how to successfully design your interior

The decor of a cozy living room combines well-being and cocooning. An assortment of scented candles, soft throws, thick rugs and a comfortable sofa.

Nothing better to feel good at home and have a warm and friendly stay. If you are wondering how to achieve the perfect layout of your living room in this style, follow our advice!

A cozy living room decor inspired by the Danish art of living

Hygge” represents the Danish philosophy of enjoying every moment creating joyful moments in life.

To achieve this happiness, you have to wrap yourself in a soft blanket.

You can enjoy a good hot chocolate by the fire and surround yourself with family and friends.

So setting up a cozy living room decor pushes you to simply rediscover this art of living. Indeed, by imagining a cocooning layout and a welcoming stay, the moments of happiness with loved ones multiply!

Living room design trends 2023

But to achieve this, you will need the three allies of a restful and warm interior: the welcoming sofa, the cozy carpet and the warmth of the wooden furniture.

A welcoming sofa for a cocooning decor

The sofa remains the central element of your living room. It is therefore essential to feel good about it. For a real cozy decoration in the living room, we recommend a sofa in neutral tones.

Then prefer light shades of gray, beige, or taupe. This brings light to your space and obviously adds a cocooning touch to your decoration. For even more warmth, you can add one or more cozy plaids and a multitude of cushions.

living room 2023 beige

The mix of materials reinforces the cozy style. Do not hesitate to mix fabrics for a modern look by favoring natural fibers such as linen, wool or cotton.

The rug is the flagship piece of the cozy living room decor

The rug is the key asset for a cozy living room. It allows you to create the passage in your space and link the decorative elements together. Mainly, it brings comfort and softness.

If you have a rather cold floor like tiles, we advise you to take a large rug to encompass the living room and bring out the cocooning side. Place a nice coffee table on it, and voila!

 wooden Living room design trends 2023

Just like the sofa, we recommend rather neutral and light colors. Thus, white, beige, gray or a mix of these colors is the ideal choice. Finally, opt for a shaggy rug with a long pile for more softness.

The wood trend the major asset of a warm decoration

Wood will always remain the ideal choice. It immediately warms up a room and makes us feel good there. You can find all sorts of wood variants, light, dark, wenge…

However, to stay in a warm atmosphere, we advise you to favor a light species. In order to stay in a bright and welcoming space, light wood has the advantage of enlarging the room without weighing it down.

In the Primino furniture collection by Bobochic, wood is not omnipresent. It encompasses furniture by key.

 gray Living room design trends 2023

To complete your cozy living room, bet on a warm light because we know it well, the brightness determines the atmosphere of a room!

Add candles, decorative elements in the colors of your choice, voluminous curtains in harmonious tones and your cozy living room decor will be wonderful!

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Living Room Trends 2023: Modern Design For A Collected-over-time Aesthetics
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