Bathroom Trends 2023: Introducing The Style That’s Unpretentious, Yet Elegant And Refined

bathroom trends 2023

Bathroom trends 2023 are all about strong colors, fluted finishes, chic and imposing chandeliers, wallpaper… So many decorative trends that are in the spotlight in our bathrooms in 2023.

Here are some examples of new, trendy, sometimes surprising and very aesthetics for your bathroom.

The great return of wallpaper and panoramic in the bathroom

Wallpaper is currently very trendy, it gives your bathroom a much more decorative and less clinical side than the blue or white traditionally installed in this room.

The very contemporary and refined bathrooms take up this trend to bring a little more cozy and cocooning side.

introduces a style that’s unpretentious, yet elegant and refined

The choice of wallpaper differs depending on the style you want to give to this space. It is mixed with modern earthenware, large format shiny tiles for example. It is this clever mix that brings an incomparable charm to the room.

For a vintage side pushed to its climax, do not hesitate to add a freestanding bathtub and a sink, as well as taps with a strong retro style. These are the details that will make all the difference and bring a lot of character to your bathroom or bathroom.

In any case, mixing vintage and modernity is perfectly in line with the Bathroom Trends 2023. Do not hesitate to mix the different styles with subtlety.

As in all rooms of the house, the bathroom has a cocooning spirit. More than spaces simply dedicated to hygiene, the bathroom also becomes a space for relaxation and well-being.

This is a trend that has been established for the most part for a few years already and which continues to be present in Bathroom Trends 2023, notably by accentuating the spa effect.

It is the cocooning trend that envelops our bathrooms in a certain luxury and a lot of comfort.

introduces a style that’s unpretentious, yet elegant and refined

This atmosphere can be created in different ways: either you have a cozy and warm bathrobe waiting for you and some pretty candles that provide a warm atmosphere.

Or, you opt for facilities that offer an experience comparable to that of spas with hydrotherapy bathtubs, massage showers or even hammams and saunas at home.

Anyway, the choice of materials also plays an important role, so do not hesitate to make a selection to obtain this very appreciable result.

A luxurious atmosphere to accentuate the decorative spirit of the bathroom

The Bathroom Trends 2023 unashamedly display a universe imbued with luxurious touches that make you want to stay in this space that is no longer content to be a passage room.

This trend is affirmed in the choice of colors and materials that are elegant and chic.

You can introduce a bit of nature that catches the eye and attention. It’s a way of bringing a sensory connection with the nature that surrounds you, without detracting from the refinement of the room.

bathroom trends 2023 85

Water already represents the natural universe, so it’s just a question of bringing the little note additional to accentuate this atmosphere. You can also bet on a walk-in shower or waterfall effect shower heads.

Fluted surfaces are very trendy in 2023, they are often ribs or downright flutes, as on the basin in this photo.

They bring a lot of modernity, but also a very special sensation, whether tactile or visual. This style is reminiscent of Art Deco glamour, even if the groove has been revised and corrected.

The surfaces of the furniture supporting the bathroom sink or those of the cupboards are adorned with pretty ribs and offer a very refined and chic effect. The shower screens are also very decorative.

Bathroom 2023: top 15 trendy colors

Each year and each season has its color trends in decoration. The bathroom is a room that also comes in different colors each year. The shades of Bathroom trends 2023 are very elegant, and they can easily resist over time. Here are the top 15 of the trend for this year!

White is the dominant color in modern, sleek bathrooms.

 terracotta bathroom trends 2023

This shade is perfect because it is timeless! However, we must avoid the total white look which brings an atmosphere, certainly bright, but a little too cold.

If you like zen and minimalist atmospheres, this remains a safe bet, one condition however: vary the materials and the different tones from off-white to beige, via a very light greige or an ecru.

Light gray is also perfect for a designer and contemporary bathroom. It brings the small decorative and soft touch when it is associated with pure white, and it does not prevent the brightness.

It can be declined on a marble coating, veined with light gray, on a concrete effect or on the tiles, according to your desires of the moment. Marble and concrete effect are always perfectly in line with the trend for the coming year.

Black for a “so chic” bathroom

The black bathroom is always at the top of the trend. It is so elegant and chic that you will never get tired of it. This color remains sober and plays on simplicity.

It creates an atmosphere that does not lack character and personality. The easiest way is to alternate the different materials, finishes and effects.

bathroom trends 2023

You always have the option of adding a few discreet touches of a more cozy and warm shade or betting on a contrast with white, for example.

In addition, we like the precious side of the black bathroom when it is accessorized with golden decorations which bring a very refined note to this room. Black is perfect for providing an ideal setting for either of these trends.

Green: timeless and still relevant

bathroom designs 2023 once again gives pride of place to green, which is available in different tones in this room. Do not hesitate to opt for tones from nature such as olive green or sage green.

Dark green is also a safe bet that sublimates the space. It is better if not to crack on a brighter green like emerald green. This very deep and luminous tone gives a lot of character to your bathroom.

Blue is readily available in very light shades in living rooms, in the bathroom on the contrary, we dare to use deeper blues. Midnight blue, navy blue or even cobalt blue are perfect tones in this room.


You mix it just as well with white as with a powdery pink that brightens the room.

Also play on a shades of blue which will gladly impose itself in bathroom designs 2023. By playing with the different tones, you define the volume of this room.

bathroom trends 2023

You can thus associate a dark shade with lighter and brighter shades. Very fresh shades of blue are also popular in this space, the more they pull towards cobalt or ultramarine, the more they harmonize with gray.

A good setup

Configurations in small bathrooms are often limited. The easiest way is to opt for the latter: place your sink facing the front door.

Then, the shower or the small bathtub will be in its extension on the left or on the right. You just have to be careful with the shower screen so you don’t bump into it.

Prefer in this case, if the place is very limited, the shower curtain. Instead of putting a bulky radiator, it is better to bet on a towel dryer which is less bulky and which is useful for heating and drying your towels.

vintage bathroom

In the bathroom, creating a vintage and retro atmosphere is actually very trendy. You thus combine the modernity of certain elements with a return to basics, for a charming atmosphere with nostalgic accents.

If functionality and comfort are present, by playing with the materials and equipment that compose it, you draw your inspiration from the past years.

 green bathroom trends 2023

Choosing the right sanitary equipment

The sink and the bathtub remain the central pieces of the bathroom because of their daily usefulness, but also because it is the first thing you see when entering the room. To set the tone right away, do not hesitate to bet on retro and vintage elements.

You are spoiled for choice since manufacturers have been engulfed in this trend for a few years now. On the previous photo, you will find a washbasin and a bathtub, very typical of the 1930s.

They are perfectly suited to this characterful apartment with a decorated fireplace and moldings. Note that the floor plays with the contemporary spirit thanks to the arrangement of the tiles laid in different directions and which delimit the bath area from the small toilet area.

bathroom trends 2023

The magnificent free-standing bathtub sits proudly in the middle of the room, making it an element of the decor in its own right. It irremediably catches the eye and immediately imposes the style on the room.

The best thing, when you decide to opt for a bathtub with a strong character, is to offset it from the wall as much as possible. It gives a unique soul to your bathroom space.

Bathroom designs 2023:Cement tiles for a very chic vintage effect

The best way to create a bathroom that looks both contemporary and vintage is certainly to place cement tiles.

Note that for a smaller budget and easier maintenance, there are porcelain stoneware tiles that perfectly reproduce the style of these tiles. They are making a strong comeback in our interiors and are appreciated for the charm they exude.

bathroom trends 2023

It was at the end of the 19th century that they imposed themselves until the end of the following century. Nowadays, they come in different ways.

With floral patterns, they blow a refined and retro wind. They can be associated with the wood which sublimates them. Geometric and graphic designs are also perfect in these environments. By opting for a plain, you can play on the patchwork effect.

Subway tiles for their elegance

It is also perfectly suited to a vintage bathroom. Metro tiles are available in different colors.

 beige bathroom trends 2023

In white, they bring brightness and freshness to the bathroom and in black, they are very elegant and “so chic”. In any case, they give a retro side without overdoing it.

Mix black and white to give even more personality to the bathroom.

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Bathroom Trends 2023: Introducing The Style That’s Unpretentious, Yet Elegant And Refined
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