Home Office 2023: The Elegance, Escape And Dolce Vita Lifestyle For Workers From Home

home office design 2023

Home office 2023 is not only about a classic table, sober atmosphere, uncomfortable chair… Gone is the sad idea you have of the office!

It’s time to revisit the decoration of this workspace. And when redecorating, furnish and accessorize, keeping in mind that the office should not always be associated with work.

home office design 2023

Bet above all on the warm side and let comfort settle in every corner.

Telework, entrepreneurship or personal needs, having a dedicated office space at home would have become essential.

In a small dedicated room or integrated into your living space, here are our tips for creating a comfortable, functional and stylish office space.

Home office 2023: The cozy corner for freelance work

The industrial interiors are very modern and very attractive for all fans of the original layout. The sleek wood and metal designs are a favorite with designers and hobbyists alike.

If you want to add industrial notes to your home try putting a nice industrial style desk where you will create a small work area. Desks of this type are in most cases minimalist and very practical and have a simplified design.

A workspace, a few small drawers and a small stool will provide you with a convenient and practical corner.

The home office ideas 2023 for the world of work

You still have to decorate the interior and we suggest you do it with some decorative objects in the chosen style which is in this case the industrial style.

All your things should be tidy and you should have enough space. A beautiful desk lamp will give character to the office and to decorate use the wall in front of the desk. Hang photos from your family album, artistic paintings and original drawings.

home office design 2023

To ensure successful work, the atmosphere must be comfortable, pleasant and well suited to your needs.

Colors should be light – blue and pale green predispose to calm and good humor. You can ensure the light shades with favorable wallpaper or wall paint.

Home office design 2023: Bet on natural colors for the tranquility

If your interior is very dark, you can add objects in quaint colors to liven it up. Brick wallpapers are a good choice for creating an industrial style atmosphere.

We also note that modern work environments have evolved and are structured to appeal to creativity and communication.

home office decor 2023

The office space of the future must therefore adapt and be multifunctional. Our decorating experts will tell you how to design a modern office and what you absolutely need to consider when planning.

Modern home office 2023: comfort, luxury and productivity

Most people now only work on their laptops, so it’s important to create comfortable workspaces. Sofas and coffee tables are a must because varied and flexible workplaces promote creativity and also have a positive effect on health.

Sofas, high desks, poufs and lounge chairs allow you to change your position. Similarly, small relaxation areas are more motivating for employees. Be creative, offer different and adaptable spaces to give new impetus and improve the creativity of the people working there.

Before you can even start designing a modern office, you need to find a central location. Once you have found a suitable location for your business, you can choose from a wide variety of office concepts.

home office design 2023

In order to decide on the right office concept, it always depends on the size of your company. You need to consider the number of employees and what generally suits your product.

In principle, open-plan or group offices are very popular. Because as an open space concept, they act like a living room with a feel-good factor and relaxation options.

Home office 2023:What will the library be used for?

To choose your bookcase, you must first know what you are going to put in it. Books, of course, because that is the very function of this piece of furniture. But what books?

If you have a lot of dictionaries and art books, you’ll need a bigger piece of furniture than if your collection consists mostly of paperbacks.

To protect precious or fragile books, you can choose a glass bookcase.

home office ideas 2023

But this piece of furniture can hold something other than books. You can store your DVDs and CDs in it and place green plants and trinkets there. And why not, plan the place of a television receiver.

The shape and size of the library will therefore depend in part on the use you are going to make of it.

The choice of location and dimensions

Indeed, these two elements are linked. It is largely depending on the room in which you will install the bookcase that you will choose the dimensions.

If it is a piece of furniture intended for a child’s room, for example, it should not be too high. Indeed, the books it contains must be accessible to a child.

The desk as a centerpiece in the home office

Placing a desk with our home office ideas 2023 is no longer an unusual setup. Partial or complete teleworking has imposed this type of arrangement.

And as rare are the cases where you have a room dedicated to this purpose, it is often essential to install your office in the living room. Here are some ideas for a comfortable and aesthetic result.

home office ideas 2023

You no longer have a choice, you now need an office at home and you only see the living room that can accommodate it. However, you cannot move the walls back and you must therefore make the right choice.

By slightly shifting the coffee table and the sofa, you will find the ideal location to wisely place a small desk. If you have a large living room, you have multiple choices and everything is easier.

Co-living room for working space: home office 2023

But rest assured, even in a small living room, it is possible to add a desk quite easily.

The major furniture brands have designed models that are perfect for this configuration. Your dream of teleworking is therefore quite easily accessible. The small folding desks are all indicated in this reduced area.

This is also the case of library desks which integrate very easily and which offer two functions.

home office ideas 2023

They offer a larger surface to work in while being comfortable, it is ideal if you telecommute on a daily basis. If in addition, you have filing to do, you have the necessary space to store your files.

In a large home office design 2023, you are spoiled for choice and you can choose a spacious desk generally, this one has dimensions of 160 x 80 cm or 140 x 80 cm. You integrate some storage and a comfortable office chair.

Home office design 2023: A desk in what style?

This question is crucial to perfectly integrate your workspace into your living room without distorting the decoration. You will find models adapted to all decorative styles: Scandinavian, pop, design, vintage, bohemian… everything is possible!

The selection is also a matter of taste, the aim being that you have fun getting down to business. Also think about the transparency of the glass which allows you to keep a pleasant volume in your room.

Where to place your office?

To choose the best location for your office in a living room, you have to take into account your possibilities first, your needs and your tastes second.

However, it is important to follow certain rules to work comfortably: never place your desk with your back to the window or the door.

home office decor 2023

If you have your back to the door, you do not see people entering the room and it is very unpleasant, especially since it can see what you are doing.

Light is also a very important element in home office design 2023. If you put your desk back to the window, you will be bothered by the light coming directly on your computer screen making vision impossible.

Natural light for the concentrated work

Facing the window, plan blinds that you can close when the sun or the brightness are too present. The ideal position is to have the arrival of natural light on the side.

Also pay attention to the perspective you have from your desk. Working in front of the wall all the time can be unpleasant. This is not always the ideal configuration, especially if the wall is sad and empty. To remedy this, simply paint it in an inspiring and relaxing color.

home office decor 2023

Also think about the necessary sockets. Generally, 4 sockets are essential: one for the screen, one for the computer, one for the lamp and the other for the printer.

They also determine the location of the office. Next, install a trunking to conceal unsightly wires. Noise and movement around the office are also to be taken into account. In a large living room, try to get away!

A hidden or isolated desk in the living room

It is only possible to insulate your office area in large areas. To do this, install a claustra, a mid-height partition with a glass part, a green partition, a screen…

It is also possible to integrate a desk into a bookcase that you make to measure or into a set of commercial storage units that you arrange according to the space you have.

You thus alternate classic and closed storage for the living room and those necessary for the office with open boxes for decoration.

Need storage: how to proceed in home office 2023

If in a classic way, some offices offer some integrated storage, this is not always the case in the context of this specific layout. Small side or drop-down desks are not designed to provide storage space. It will then be necessary to try to optimize the part located below.

home office decor 2023

As part of a more standard office, the shelves above provide efficient storage with a few pretty boxes or very trendy baskets. It is also possible to slide one or two wheeled boxes next to your legs.

You can also plan a nice cupboard above or next to hide everything that is useful at work, as well as the printer, for example.

The new reality to be adopted

Thanks to the color of the base which blends into that of the wall, this desk knows how to be visually forgotten. It is perfect for working on a computer and the shelves above are an excuse to display some decorative elements.

If you have an unoccupied corner, dare the corner desk which is very compact, but perfectly functional to work from home without problem. If you have a small piece of partition back in your living room, this is the ideal place, it protects you a little from the noise and insulates you.

Using a corner of the living room to place your desk there is an excellent trick. It allows you to not clutter the space and to settle comfortably to work.

home office decor 2023

Functionality and style are at the rendezvous in this office which is very pleasant and which allows you to carry out storage very easily.

We do not neglect the style which must be perfectly in harmony with the rest of the room, this is the case here the office fits perfectly into the industrial atmosphere of the living room.

Another style always with the same concern for harmonization. This desk will be perfect in a bohemian chic, natural or even exotic decor.

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Home Office 2023: The Elegance, Escape And Dolce Vita Lifestyle For Workers From Home
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