Living Room Furniture 2023: If You’re Looking For The Perfect Place To Enjoy A Meal This Holiday Or Every Single Day

Living room furniture 2023

Furnishing and decorating a living room with living room furniture 2023  is a very personal adventure that requires thinking about a few common sense rules to make the room welcoming to family and friends.

Of course, when it comes to style, furnishings will vary widely from house to house. On the other hand, there are some essential living room furniture to enjoy this space of relaxation and leisure, summer and winter, for a TV evening or an apéritif with family or friends.

The essential living room furniture 2023, it’s almost here!

The real must-have living room furniture 2023: the sofa

Whether your living room is very small – or even non-existent in a studio – or very large, the sofa, or at least an area with seating for entertaining, is a must in any home!

In a studio, we will opt for a convertible sofa or we will cleverly arrange our bed with a multitude of cushions so that friends can come and stay there comfortably.

furniture trends 2023

The living room combines all the elements of a comfortable space, starting with the key piece of furniture: the corner sofa, which has the advantage of immediately creating a very cozy area.

And if you spend a solitary evening, you can even lie down there! With its neutral tones and sober lines, this sofa quickly became the essential piece of living room furniture in this space!

Small living room design 2023 : The coffee table as a must

Undisputed ally of the sofa, the coffee table comes into its own in this elegantly decorated living room: square and central, it will fit the style and size of your living room.

Square tables have the serious advantage of being easily accessible when you have two sofas facing each other or when you have a corner sofa. A rectangular table will be preferred only if you only have a sofa and possibly an armchair.

Living room furniture

This one is very elegant and discreet, but when it comes to coffee tables, all the follies are allowed! Moreover, their price varies enormously from one model to another. Be aware, however, that there is no need to have an overpriced table for the atmosphere to be assured as soon as you place the petites fours there!

Living room furniture 2023: Add color with  Cushions

The second-best friend of the sofa, the cushions. It is certainly more a question here of decoration than of living room furniture, you will say to me…

Well, not quite. When you have a compact sofa, or when you use your bed as an extra sofa, the cushions have an essential role to play: they provide comfort and really give the feeling that you are in the living room, in the relaxation area.

Living Room Furniture 2023: If You're Looking For The Perfect Place To Enjoy A Meal This Holiday Or Every Single Day

The sofa takes on its full scope thanks to the cushions. Adapt them to your style and change the covers as soon as you get tired, or depending on the season, it’s also an easy and cheap way to transform your interior.

The carpet for the centerpiece

Okay, it’s not really a piece of living room furniture, but the rug is essential to create a warm atmosphere, especially if your floor is tiled. The rug will warm your feet in winter and help define the cocooning space. When it comes to style, the possibilities are endless.

At the moment, Moroccan-inspired rugs are very trendy: off-white version and black patterns like here, or on the contrary very colorful!

Complementary living room furniture for you

It may seem a bit large, but this complementary living room furniture is very important in your living room since it will contribute to a comfortable and orderly atmosphere: for some, it will be an ottoman to stretch your legs, to others, it will be a magazine rack.

furniture trends 2023

For the family, the important thing was to have tables at the end of the sofa to accommodate the coffee cups, storage to accommodate the logs that are used for the fireplace and a spinning piece of furniture under the windows to prevent the desired space from being uncluttered. That is quickly clogged with papers and small everyday objects. It’s up to you to define, according to your lifestyle, what is essential for you!

6. Reading lights for best experience in  living room furniture 2023

In a living room, the light is important, and it is necessary to be able to modulate it according to the times of the day and the atmosphere that one is looking for. It is also very useful to have extra lamps and reading lights to be able to devour your book quietly, installed on the sofa when the house has emptied of its guests!

Obviously, there are pro-TVs and anti-TVs, but if you have chosen to install a television or a home cinema at home, it will be in the living room in 99% of cases.

Living Room Furniture 2023: If You're Looking For The Perfect Place To Enjoy A Meal This Holiday Or Every Single Day

Even if flat screens now hang very frequently on our walls, it will still be necessary to think of a specific piece of furniture to accommodate the cable decoder or the modem, the DVD player and possibly the amplifier.

When making your choice, take stock of how you will hide unsightly cables. A closed piece of furniture is ideal, but hanging furniture has an incredible charm. The option of baskets on wheels to hide all this bulky equipment is very appealing to us in this living room.

A library for the most loved books

A charming asset to living rooms, bookcases are one of the pieces of furniture that bring the most warmth to a home, as this creation by the interior designer firm Pour l’amour  beaus chooses proves.

Modern or traditional, in wood painted in a soft color like here, or with lacquered panels, the bookcase will be perfect in any living room and will delight lovers of reading. Of course, we strongly recommend not to neglect light sources to read quietly, as explained above.

If you have space, this is where you can set up your leisure area: for some it could be an easel for painting, for others a corner for knitting, and for the lucky ones who know how to play an instrument of music, your little private room! Whether you play the guitar or the piano, this corner will allow you to exercise your passion alone or in company!

living room furniture trends 2023

If you have a small wine cellar in the living room, great! But you can also have a small open or closed cabinet where you can store the good bottles that you will share with your friends or your family comfortably installed on your sofa, listening to music coming from the piano or simply enjoying the pleasure of being together!

Living room furniture 2023: Open space and its advantages

The architectural trend in recent years is for open spaces, in houses with large or small volume. This concept has many privileges such as gaining light, on the layout plan, and enjoying more conviviality between friends and family members, on the social level.

But “open space” does not necessarily rhyme with disorganization and lack of privacy. We can certainly compartmentalize the rooms while preserving the function of each. In photos, we give you the best  options for the perfect layout of an open space.

Living Room Furniture 2023: If You're Looking For The Perfect Place To Enjoy A Meal This Holiday Or Every Single Day

The biggest advantage of an open space is the natural circulation of light. So if you want to separate the rooms without dividing them, install an optimized canopy. That will serve as a link between the living room and the kitchen, for example.

The kitchen area is not thus mix with the living room, but while remaining exposing  to the living room and the hall. You can also add a dining bar table that will serve as a link between the two spaces.

Small living room design 2023: ideal for loft lovers

In an open space, it is important to give each corner its function. And for that, he distinguishes them with clever and discreet decorative ideas. As in this photo, the small central island stuck to the dining table, breaks up the room. We then distinguish the invisible borders of each corner.

Another trick to delimit the rooms in an open space: the floor or the tiles. On the floor, distinguish your living room from the kitchen or dining room, by laying a different tile for each of them. Here, the designer opted for zellige-style tiling for the kitchen and wooden flooring for the adjoining room.

Living Room Furniture 2023: If You're Looking For The Perfect Place To Enjoy A Meal This Holiday Or Every Single Day

If you want to create an open space, but you can’t tear down your walls because they are load-bearing, then simply separate yourself from the doors. Remove the doors that separate two rooms and create a harmonious decoration between the two.

Here, in this loft, all the spaces are open to each other. Whether downstairs or above, on the mezzanine level. So as not to confuse the kitchen with the other rooms, the designer chose to place it below the mezzanine, in an alcove. The bar table is the link between the two.

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Living Room Furniture 2023: If You’re Looking For The Perfect Place To Enjoy A Meal This Holiday Or Every Single Day
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