Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 13 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Today, there is a chance to choose from a number of new exterior paint trends 2024 to shape the exterior of buildings. Architects and planners looking for sophisticated design and custom solutions have a wide variety selection.

Now on the facades, you can see almost everything: from wood to complex composite materials, from curved glass to panels.

The transition from classic glass and hinged facade systems, which have become one of the most popular solutions in modern construction, was due to three factors:

  • new technologies made it possible to gain access to alternative materials without large financial losses;
  • tightening energy legislation prompted a move away from standard glass;
  • the desire to make buildings stand out from the multitude – or, conversely, to maintain them in a uniform style.

All of this has generated a demand for new systems and solutions.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Modern construction has a lot of new exterior trends 2024 improving the quality of our life, as well as the layout, glazing, or exterior design format.

The choice of paint for the facade is quite extensive and varied. That is why, before you start painting your house, you need to know what type and color of dye you will use.

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It is also worth asking about the composition of the paint and its other characteristics. With the right approach to the choice, the result will delight you for many years.

Of course, coloring compositions greatly transform the appearance of the house. But you should not choose them only from an aesthetic point of view, because they also perform protective functions.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Significant Characteristics of Exterior Paint Trends 2024

Resins based on vinyl, acrylic, silicone, or silicates are used as a binder in modern paints and varnishes. There are also paints based on lime, cement, but it is difficult to find them on sale since their effectiveness is much lower than that of new compositions.

The amount of binder used will affect the quality of the ink, but labels usually do not write the percentage in the ink. Therefore, the quality of the coloring composition can only be judged by its cost.

In this regard, do not rush to buy too cheap paints, because such a price may indicate an excess of solvents in the composition and a lack of binders.

You should choose a paint only after a thorough study of the technical data sheet for the product, which indicates both the composition and many other significant characteristics.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Vapor permeability

Vapor permeability is the possibility of water vapor passing through the paint coating. This feature of the paint allows the walls of the house to breathe, which increases the service life of the wall and thermal insulation materials.

Water permeability

Water permeability refers to the paint’s ability to absorb moisture. Coloring compositions for exterior facade work should have low water permeability.

Resistant to sunlight

Resistance to paint fading is very important because, under the influence of sunlight, its surface can not only change its color but also swell or crack.

Wear resistance

The durability of the paint is also very important because washing and cleaning is used to clean the walls of the facade.


Paint consumption is usually indicated in the amount required for painting a surface of 1 m². But this indicator is very conditional because a lot depends on the surface’s ability to absorb liquids, as well as on the number of layers.

Drying speed

The drying time of the paint is indicated by two indicators. The first one speaks about the drying time of the composition in the interval between the execution of 2 layers, and the second one – about the time required for the paint to completely dry.

When painting the facade, the weather conditions may change unexpectedly. That is why it is not acceptable for the facade composition to have too long a period of complete drying.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

The choice of exterior wall paint is quite extensive.

These are acrylic compounds, and silicone paints, lime, or silicate. Usually, the choice is directly related to the features of the wall material, as well as to the operational characteristics. Today in the stores you can buy the following paints for outdoor use:

  • Acrylic Vinyl
  • Acrylic Silicone
  • Silicone
  • Polysilicon
  • Silicate
  • Lime
  • Cement

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

The Choice of Exterior Paint Colors 2024

Paint and wall compatibility is just as important as color choices. There are many possibilities for choosing the desired color of the composition:

  • The desired color can be obtained by purchasing white paint as a base and adding colored pigments to it.
  • You can choose a suitable shade from the assortment presented in the store.
  • It is also easy to get the desired color from the professional manufacturer’s palette. The paint is mixed by machine.

It is important that facade paints are in harmony with the color of the roofing.

Do not forget that the color you choose on the palette may look a little different in life.

If the area covered is large, this can be very noticeable. To facilitate the choice, some manufacturers provide the opportunity to see the selected color in large quantities on the site, where a model of a house or a large fragment of a wall of the shade you need will be presented.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

So you can easily assess the color compatibility with the tone of the frames, facade, and roof details.

But the color reproduction of the computer is not perfect, so it is better to buy a small sample of paint and try it on a fragment of the surface. When in doubt which color to choose from the two, take the lighter one.

Exterior Paint Colors 2024 For The Facade

When buying paint, always consider the characteristics of the substrate. This is very important because an improper composition can poorly adhere to the base or prevent the walls from breathing. In addition, the substrate for painting must be spotless and prepared.

  • Plaster walls can be painted if they do not have cracks, do not crumble or dust.

As exterior paint trends 2024, it is very fashionable to use thin-layer plasters on facades.

  • Previously painted walls can be painted over if the old layer has not peeled off or crumbled.
  • The concrete surface can also be painted, but first, it must be degreased with a solvent.
  • A wall made of ceramic bricks is usually not painted. For painting, choose a silicate composition intended for a similar surface.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Top Exterior Paint Colors 2024

Multicolor Facades

Each person approaches color matching in their own way. Any decision can be a good one if it is not spontaneous.

For decoration, you can use several shades at once, provided they are correctly combined. This option will draw attention to the building, and living in it can become more psychologically comfortable.

If your project involves a combination of several tones, you need to take into account the nuances that will facilitate this choice.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

With the help of bright colors, it is convenient to create an accent by painting windows and doors with them. Use special architectural programs to help you significantly save time.

Evaluate the overall style of the building for the best combination. Modern designs allow for interesting contrasts for these parts of the building. Looks great, for example, a combination of black and yellow.

It is better to paint wooden houses with glossy paints. But if the building is located in a sunny area, give preference to matte paint.

Monochrome Facades

This option is considered a classic, it is suitable for lovers of the traditional style of home decoration. If you are inclined to such a decision, it is worth considering some points that affect the correct choice of the main tone.

Natural colors are suitable for wooden houses, buildings in the Russian hut style. It can be all kinds of shades of brown, pastel colors. The castle style house looks very nice in gray.

Consider the combination with the landscape and nearby buildings – it should be harmonious. It is better to choose the dominant scale in the environment as the main one.

In addition, it should be in harmony with green spaces and various small buildings on your site.

When decorating the facade, it is worth remembering that this part of the house is the visiting card of its owners. She will eloquently tell about the lifestyle that is customary for them, will make the first serious impression on any guest. Therefore, the issue of its registration must be treated very responsibly.

The selection of color combinations should be careful and thoughtful, and the quality of the paint used should be the highest. Only this approach will guarantee you a great result, and the house will become your pride.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Color creates mood, affects the psycho-emotional state. It is better to have professionals engaged in its selection, who will take into account all the nuances. However, you can easily understand how to choose the color of the facade yourself, if you have at least a little experience in this.

Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 12 Modern Exterior Design Ideas


The general rules are as follows:

  • the well-chosen tones will emphasize the style and beauty of the building, and the unsuccessful ones neutralize the architectural features;
  • for a building in a classic style, milky shades are suitable;
  • take into account in advance the fact that bright colors fade faster in the sun;
  • to highlight small elements, use light colors;
  • dark tones highlight the shape of an object, light tones increase its volume.
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Exterior Paint Trends 2024: Top 13 Modern Exterior Design Ideas
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