Modern kitchen decor: Indian kitchen design ideas and inspiration

Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas Kitchen design

Indian kitchen design should make your home look unique! Ethnic styles became popular for modern kitchen decor, so base on traditional Indian interiors. That unbelievable culture first sparked great interest in Europe when India became English colony. Luxury and modesty, color richness and some religiosity touch, mystic spices’ smell – all those make us fall in love with Indian kitchen ideas!

Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen design

Need something exotic? Read our «Modern kitchen decor: Indian kitchen design» article.

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Indian kitchen design: Basics

  • Little unusual architecture is desired in Indian kitchen design. We mean typical Eastern arch shapes for doorways and windows.

Arches-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen design

  • What’s solution, if you’ve got standard rectangular shapes? It’s plasterboard arches making or experimenting with doors’ shape.
  • Arch shaped doorways can be left free, without doors. Think of that option for modern kitchen decor: many people dislike it because of kitchen smells spreading at home. As compromise option to use beaded curtains.
  • Indian kitchen ideas go related to trendy eco-style – furniture should be made from natural materials only: teak, bamboo, rattan, rosewood, boxwood.

Furniture-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen design

  • Furniture, as other elements, often decorated with typical carvings. It can unite modern shapes and ethnic features.
  • You should rarely meet glossy floor, typical for High-tech style, in Indian kitchen design. It’s usually covered with natural wooden parquet, laminate or brownish tiles, sometimes artificially aged.

Flooring-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen design

  • More refined, «rich» options presume glossy options from polished stone with real Eastern ornaments.

Indian kitchen ideas: Colors and decor

In Indian kitchen design color speaks, it’s a real decorating element! Colors catch eye by their exotic brightness, but here’s nuance: base is always neutral. Bright details, sometimes large ones, as furniture or carpets, become accented on that background.

Colors-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen design-Indian kitchen ideas

Indian kitchen ideas often include gilt elements. Don’t overload space with them, they just appear as refined carvings and contours’ accents.Dark brown meets often also – in wooden details.

Gilt-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen ideas

  • Much bright, often patterned textile should be typical for Indian kitchen design.
  • Colors’ feast can be continued in beaded curtains. They can replace doors or partitions, gracefully swaying with the wind. It’s very charming trick for modern kitchen decor!

Beaded-curtains-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen ideas

  • Don’t hide whole tableware; use some ethnic ones for decor.
  • Indian lamps and statuettes can finish that refined ensemble.

Ethnic-decor-Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-Indian kitchen ideas

Hopefully, our «Modern kitchen decor: Indian kitchen design» article inspired your exotic kitchen makeover!

Indian-kitchen-design-modern-kitchen-decor-indian-kitchen-ideas-modern kitchen decor

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