Boho home decor: Enchanting Boho living room for your home


What will we express through Boho living room? Bohemian style (Boho) has its own interesting story to tell us… In 20th Century beginning artists, actors and musicians were called bohemians. Cause was their lifestyle – frequent relocation, chic and poverty combination, which brought associations with Bohemia (Czech region) inhabitants. There were predominantly gypsies and nomads.

So, Boho style absorbed creativity, self-expression, gypsy life brightness and wanderlust. Boho home decor often loved by same art workers. It’s easy to confuse with hippie style, but last one gone democratic way, till Boho stays elitist. Though, that styles often mixing in design.

Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho living room

Need great living room interior makeover? Read our «Boho home decor: Enchanting Boho living room for your home» article.

Living room interior: Boho living room bases

  • Main Boho living room design basement is your individuality!

Colors brightness and big variety differs that living room interior from others! Easiest way: neutral background and lot of gypsy-bright elements. Here’s nuance also – ask from nature! If red, so – raspberry-red, if blue – sky-blue!

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Colors-Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho living room

  • Comfort atmosphere allows Boho home decor stay refined, instead of reminding junk-loaded quarter. Organize places for rest – pay attention on soft sofas and pouffs.

Rest-corner-Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho living room

  • Any finishing allowed anywhere! Do what you like – with no rules!
  • Textile gives living room interior special coziness. Combine different textures, colors and patterns boldly. Even shawls become stylish interior accessories. And don’t forget about warm blanket!
  • Boho home decor soul is owner! Tell about yourself through your hand-made items, artworks or things, brought from journeys.

Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho living room

  • Place as much pouffs, sofas, armchairs, tables here, as you like, if space is enough. Dream about your creative work corner right here, but think, it’s impossible for living room interior? Organize it right now! Boho and creativity made for one another.

Furniture-Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho living room

Multiple facets discovery: Boho home decor

It seemed, we’re finished telling about joyful Boho living room… And here not! Most interesting stays ahead – Boho home decor got cool modifications for your living room interior!

  • Boho chic considered being most popular one. It’s Boho’s glamorous modification. Modern gypsies’ interiors often attract much attention with many luxurious details – that concept gone here. Still glamorous Boho living room saves newest and aged items combination charm.

Boho-chic-Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho home decor

  • Eco Boho includes love to nature and creativity ideas. Here you’ll use mostly natural materials.

Eco-Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-Boho home decor

  • Gothic Boho – very interesting conceptual style. As many people, preferring Gothic interiors nowadays, work in art field, it gets popularity. Your living room interior should be little creepy and bright, beautifully combine strictness, pointed Gothic shapes with careless gypsy motifs.

Gothic-Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-living room interior

Hopefully, our «Boho home decor: Enchanting Boho living room for your home» article gave you ideas for place, where you’ll always want to come back.

Boho-living-room-boho-home-decor-living-room-interior-living room interior

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Boho home decor: Enchanting Boho living room for your home
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